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Quality Made in Italy


In-house production and focus on the market

The flagship of our company is the vast range of products meeting the needs of all our clients. 
Our approach is creative, emotional, professional but most of all 100% Italian.

The constant analysis of demands from the market makes it possible for us to meet the requires from our final costumers.

Quality at a good price

Marpimar is specialized in the research and selection of high quality materials, always trying to maintain a good quality / price ratio.

Our advantages:

• High quality materials

• Up to date graphics and designs

• Unique processing and finishing

• Large warehouse

• Extensive commercial coverage

Our philosophy

Marpimar's philosophy is to keep improving, always looking for new technologies and products while maintaining the quality and knowledge of the best Italian tradition.

A group of professionals, raised with determination and pride in the printing sector, engaged in the design and development of new products and solutions meeting the needs of the final customer.

The added value of our products

Marpimar believes in the added value of the production Made in Italy: greeting cards, wrapping paper and shoppers are made with precise and careful control and personal involvement improving the quality of the final product.

All product processes are done on the premises under supervision of our skilled personnel.

Synonymous with quality and attention to details

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