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Our story

Marpimar Edizioni started in 1990 by the taking over of a printing company in Brescia specialized in Wedding cards.


In 1994 the company Norex was incorporated , a noted company for greeting cards. This increased the assortment of products and also added “knowhow” to the printing procedure.

In our processing facilities we have an offset printing machine, a hot stamping machine and a screen printing machine enabling us to manufacture products with UV coating, gold and silver glitter, thermal compression and a machine for Shoppers. Inhouse we also have facilities for die cutting, packaging and storage.

To meet the demands from stationary shops, tobacconists and other kinds of shops like photographers, show rooms for promotions and florists, Marpimar has created a commercial line for Italy.

The production of high quality personalized greeting cards has made Marpimar strongly visible. Uniting the knowledge of management and logistics with the control over all the phases of production makes Marpimar a punctual and secure company.


Marpimar is valued for commitment and a continuous flow of new products and also for having licenses for many famous brands.

Marpimar is also a complete manufacturer of high quality Shoppers in various sizes with handles in cotton. All Shoppers are produced in our facilities and can be fully customized.

Besides having a warehouse and all machinery integrated, all production and administrative work is done inhouse including graphic development and preparation of orders.

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